Parallel Craft Bar In Khan Market Makes Un-Paralleled Savoury Donuts

3 Un-Paralleled Savoury Donuts At Parallel In Khan Market That Make Our Knees Go Weak

newly opened gourmet deli Category:Restaurants breakfast bar

If you’re someone who loves clean lines and minimalistic design, you need to head to Parallel Craft Bar in Khan Market. And we can recommend their totally brilliant savoury donuts for a gourmet breakfast.

In A Nutshell

newly opened gourmet deli Category:Restaurants breakfast bar

Located in the by-lanes of Khan Market, this newly opened restaurant stuns everybody with the geometrically designed space and delicious food with regional flavours in it. the minimalistic colours and design  extend to every inch of the space and reflects on their menu too, in terms of how detail oriented they are.

Perfect Spot

The best place to sit here has to be at the corner tables near the windows. There’s plenty of natural light that streams into the restaurant from the windows and the skylight ceiling above the bar during the day.

In case you like sitting near where you get alcohol, you can sit at the bar that has been specially designed with hand-painted pieces of wood arranged in a geometrical pattern. The bartenders are pretty friendly, and they’d be happy to help you choose your drink too.

Raise A Toast To

We had the Cold Mulled Wine that was just the thing for the hot, dusty afternoon. It’s flavoured with a Cointreau and has a really delicious house made spice syrup. It has also got a star anise that prettily floats on top.

On The Silver Platter

newly opened gourmet deli Category:Restaurants breakfast bar   newly opened gourmet deli Category:Restaurants breakfast bar

They’re the only restaurant in all of NCR that make fresh, gourmet donuts. You must try all three flavours — the Flying Pig, which is a breakfast donut and has crispy bacon and warm maple syrup on top; Bass Hog, which is topped with a creamy potato mash, and sinfully delicious pulled pork with a generous drizzle of bbq sauce; and the Funky Monkey which is a banana and toffee donut. SO good.

While you’re still gorging on these, consider trying the Spinach and Arugula salad with beetroots, candied walnuts, and caramelised goat cheese with a sherry vinaigrette dressing. You can add chicken or have it as is. It’s great and wholesome either way. Also, try their soup of the day—you will not be disappointed.

Bitter Pill

We went there expecting that we’d be able to sample some of their litchi jello shots, but we were told that they’ve discontinued it temporarily. But that’s also not that big an issue as they have a pretty impressive list of drinks.

Food For Thought

So what we’re saying is that their gourmet donuts are TO DIE FOR and you absolutely need to head over here and get them as soon as possible just to see why we’re so crazy about them. We promise you, you’re going to love them so much, you’re going to want to come here whenever possible.

Explore them here.

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